Opponents of Relativity

There are many critics of relativity in the internet. Here are just a few.

Gertud Walton reclaimes the common sense at her site.

Halton Arp a wellknown astronomer critisices here especially the existing interpretation of redshift.

Ronald R.Hatch one of the main responsible persons for GPS critisices relativity at this site. Isn´t this interesting.

James Carter provides here especially an article about energie and E=mc². His point of view is quite the same as I see it.

Louis Essen built the first atomic clock. Here is an article about him and here is what he had to say about relativity.

A.G. Kelly describes here how Hafele and Keating manipulated their results.

Paul Marmet Prof. for physics criticizes relativity at his site.

Oleg D. Jefimko Prof. for physics deals here with elektromagnetic redartion and gravitation.

Donald E. Scott Prof. for electrical engineering deals here with the impact of electricity and plasma for cosmology.

Ove Tedenstig has here written an interesting article about relativity.

Alexander Unzicker is not a critic of relativity but he criticises later theories. Here is his site.

Here are some further sites were many critics of realtivity can be found

Gertud Walton
provides at her
site  many links to critics.

At the site of Natural Philosophy Society many critics can be found.

Gsjournal is a Journal were critical topics are discussed .

 Worldnpa is a further critical site.

Jean de Climont provides a large list of critic and new theories.


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